Bulgarian Split Squat for Men and Women

  Men’s Health
This is a 3 day/ week program, no bar on your back but plenty gain for your legs:

  • The program entails a heavy day, medium day and a light day
  • Heavy Day (say 50 pounds for men, half that for ladies): adjust the load based on your fitness level, 3-5 sets of 5 reps, 1 set every 2 minutes and then switch sides
  • Medium Day (say 25 pounds for men and 12 pounds for ladies): sets of 10 reps, do a set every 2 minutes and then switch sides, 3-5 sets/ side
  • Light Day (for stamina): 15-20+ reps with your body-weight (no weights). 1 set every 2 mins, 3-5 sets per side.







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