Travel Ambassadors

Travel Ambassadors are people with a passion for travel and they love sharing with others the beautiful world we live in.

If Altier, Caroline and Flavia haven’t been to every country in the world, they have certainly been to many and they have a wealth of information to share. Do you enjoy outdoor adventures and are you planning a visit to South Africa? Get hold of Dave. Enjoy a tour of gourmet cuisine around the word? Debbie would love to hear from you.

Altier Moulin

My name is Altier Moulin , I am a journalist, capixaba and passionate about the traveling universe. I have always liked to tell stories, to engage discreetly in people’s lives and to extract from everyday life a value that many do not realize. I like to go deep, to understand the whys and ask what few would have courage. This is how I have discovered the world: for the pleasure and satisfaction of stepping in different places and experiencing new airs.

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Caroline Helbig

Hi, my name is Caroline. That’s me, strolling in Egypt’s spectacular White Desert. I love this photo. I can feel how energized and happy I am. I’m addicted to travel and outdoor adventures. I crave the surprise, beauty, chaos, rush and calm. When I’m not traveling or travel planning, I dream, read, and write about traveling. I earn money for my adventures as a freelance writer and editor.

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David Kruger

Guiding and hosting of events in the beautiful wilderness is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. I live and breathe the outdoor adventure life in my free time. I have a passion for nature and adventure and this drives me to provide quality, fun and educational experiences which i want to share with you.

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Debbie Evans

My name is Debbie (Deb) and I live in Johannesburg, South Africa with my husband Steve. We have 2 sons, Liam and Cameron and a daughter in law Stefanie. So many of my childhood memories are about long, noisy, happy family meals and gatherings. I can still see and smell the different dishes prepared for each occasion by everyone. My mom, step mom and both my grannies were all amazing cooks. It was way back then in their kitchens, that the seed to my journey was planted.

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Flavia Bianchini

Sagitariana louca por viagens! Sagittarius crazy about travel!

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A World with challenges yet it is a beautiful World in so many ways…

Coming soon: ‘Travel Ambassadors 2’ (July 2019) and ‘Travel Ambassadors 3’ (Sept 2019) featuring Karla, Kathy Slamp, Lee Rando, Marc Booysen, Pericles Rosa, Saray Kumalo and Sylvia Vermaak.


    1. Hi Caroline, thank you. Who am I to name you or anyone else a ‘Travel Ambassador’? This past year I had the good fortune of coming across fascinating stories by people who have a passion for travel. You stand out Caroline – your posts are just inspiring: beautifully written and with beautiful photos. Reading your articles is (almost) as good as being there… Thanks Caroline, TT

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